Bad Money Habits That Women Need To Correct

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There are things that men do with their money that make you shake your head and there are things that women do that elicit the same response. Here are 3 bad money habits that research has shown women tend to display.

  • Staying quiet at raise time is a great way to get passed over. A Carnegie Mellon University study shows that men are four time more likely to ask for a raise than women. If you do not ask, you most likely will not receive.
  • Not contributing enough to your 401(k) is a disastrous mistake. Women work fewer years on average and live longer. Even if your spouse makes a huge contribution, 50% of marriages end in divorce. Will your Social Security check be enough to carry you through your entire life?
  • Skimping on your emergency fund could be horrible. What happens if you lose your job today? You should shoot for having six months of your bills in a savings account. Even if you can only save five dollars some weeks, that is a step in the right direction.

Bad money habits are not exclusive to either sex, but certain ones are. If you see any of these mistakes in yourself, look for ways to correct them immediately before you find yourself looking into AZ debt settlement. If you prepare for life as if you are alone, you will never be surprised.