Does Bundling Really Save You Money?

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The commercials sound like you can save hundreds of dollars a year just by bundling your cable, phone, and internet services. You will, on paper anyway, but probably only for a short time. Bundling does not prevent the cable company from raising their ”fees” on each service nor does it mean that the bundle is the least expensive route to take. Consider these options for possible additional savings.

  • Look at your internet speed compared to your actual usage. Do you need the fastest speed possible? If you are not uploading/downloading huge data files(videos, etc), you can get by with the lowest speed available. This will save you as much as $30 a month.
  • Next, look at the extra channels you are paying for. Do you need the movie packages? Do you really have to have the DVR service? You might even be able to get by with basic cable. This could save you another $60 a month.
  • Next, do you really need a home phone? If so, why not look at magicJack or Skype. If either of these services will get the job done, you can save another $40 a month.

Just a quick brush shows you that these tips could save you several hundred dollars per year. Who couldn’t use that extra cash in their pocket? After all, mounting monthly bills is what makes most people resort to debt consolidation in AZ.