3 Ways To Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

AZ Debt Relief

Self sacrifice is one of the hardest things for we humans. Instant gratification is more our style. That basic mentality makes it very difficult for us to change our lifestyles just to save money. Here are three ways to save without sacrificing anything that you like or want to do.

  1. Look at your auto insurance. Do you need a $250 deductible or full coverage on a car that is paid off? You could save up to $500 by shopping around and making a few changes to your policy.
  2. Next, have a look at your utilities. Can you drop your home phone and strictly use your cell? What about installing low flow shower heads and aerators in your faucets? There is another few hundred dollars per year.
  3. Then there is the paperless route. Sign up to pay as many of your bills online as possible. This one could save you a $48 a year.

These are the kinds of tips that credit counselors in Flagstaff will give you.  But remember:  saving does not have to equal sacrifice. In fact, most of us will fall off the wagon if we do not treat ourselves occasionally. If you start small, you may eventually win big.