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Looking to get your debts cleared and re-establish your credit? Then we can help.

We’re able to get you in contact with a credit counseling professional based upon where you live, how much debt you have, and personal preferences. To get going, you can simply fill in this easy online form. You will be on the way to freedom from debt in no time.

Phoenix (AZ) Credit Counseling Basics

As for the cost of credit counseling, Phoenix residents typically find that it’s the lowest priced debt relief option. We have calculated that 44,796 of Phoenix’s 1,214,617 inhabitants are in need of credit counseling.

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Your ratio of debt to income, also referred to as DTI, helps to determine how badly your state of affairs warrants credit counseling.

Pay DTI Debts Severity
$1,847.00 Less than 36% $665 or less Great
$1,847.00 36%-43% $665-$794 Fine
$1,847.00 43%-50% $794-$924 Problematic
$1,847.00 50% Plus $924 or More Assistance Needed!

Credit Card Counseling Programs in Phoenix (AZ)

If you are in significant debt, your credit counseling consultant might advise you to sign up for a debt management program (DMP). If you enroll in a DMP, your Phoenix AZ credit counseling agency may able to work out reduced interest levels and better terms from the companies you’re paying back. On a monthly basis, you will send a fixed sum to your Phoenix credit counseling service, and they will then disburse the payments among your creditors.

Finding a Credit Counseling Firm: Phoenix, AZ

Credit Counseling Phoenix AZ

As a program, credit counseling and debt management plans have been recognized by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other governmental bodies. But trusted credit counselors typically feature:

  • Licensed Consultants
  • Legit References
  • Non-Profit Standing
  • Direct Responses
  • No cost Counseling Sessions (DMP’s do cost money)
  • Documented Action Plan

For more information, look at this FTC article on how to choose a credit counselor.

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If you want to determine how much credit counseling will save you, you need to speak with a credit counseling expert. Luckily, your monthly payments should be smaller thanks to discounts in interest rates and penalty charges. Credit counseling will save you money and time. Find out more today.

Phoenix AZ Credit Counseling

Fees Associated with Credit Counseling Firms: Phoenix, AZ

Credit Counseling Phoenix AZ

Although credit counseling is typically free of charge, debt management programs include fees each month. Signing up for a debt management plan should not exceed $100, and the monthly fees should be less than $40. In terms of the actual payments, you will ordinarily need to pay 2.1 to 2.5% each and every month to your credit counseling company.

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy in Phoenix (AZ)

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Phoenix AZ

Of the 1,214,617 people who live in Phoenix, roughly 646 have gone into bankruptcy.

Since 2005, somebody in Phoenix who would like to declare bankruptcy must first obtain an official document showing that they enrolled in a bankruptcy credit counseling program in Phoenix, AZ.

The session can be in person, on the phone, or on the web, so long as you get the required certificate

Do not forget that you have to participate a credit counseling program after bankruptcy too. To find approved Arizona credit counseling programs, visit here, and you can chat with a qualified debt advisor:

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling in Phoenix AZ

Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Phoenix (AZ)

Arizona’s chief not for profit credit counseling service is the NFCC, and their network is referred to as Consumer Credit Counseling Service, or CCCS. A Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Phoenix, AZ, will generally be a non profit which carries an NFCC member seal. Typically a CCCS organization will make available more than mere credit counseling. They’ll also provide:

  • Bankruptcy Counseling for Phoenix Residents
  • Home Counseling
  • Financial Sessions

To discover the CCCS agency nearest to Phoenix, AZ, please check the directory of firms we offer or try the NCFF locator service:

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Credit Counseling / Debt Management Agencies: Phoenix, AZ

  • Equal Access/To The Law, 2131 E Broadway Rd, #27, 85040
  • Alliance Credit Counseling Inc, 4245 E McDowell Rd, 85008
  • American Family Credit, 2432 W Peoria Ave, 85029
  • Cccs-Consumer Credit Counseling Services, 2619 N 31st Ave, 85009
  • Eufora, 14648 N Scottsdale Rd, 85254
  • First Arizona Credit Services Inc, 4408 N 12th St, 85014
  • Freedom Financial, 3800 S Central Ave, 85040
  • Hope Credit Law, 1811 N Tatum Blvd, 85054
  • Preferred Credit Management Inc, 3443 N Central Ave, 85012
  • U S Debt Network Assisted, 3150 N 24th St, 85016
  • Credit Report Advocates Of Arizona, 5039 N 19th Ave, #2, 85015
  • Gallaway, Russell Owner – Russell G’s Financials, , 85038
  • CCCS (A Division of MMI), 722 E Osborn Rd, #210, 85014
  • Take Charge America, 20620 N 19th Ave, 85027
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 40 N Central Ave, 85004
  • Ariano, Christopher – Bankruptcy Attorneys of Arizona, 1430 E Missouri Ave, #b150, 85014
  • Credit and Debt Free Solutions, 15255 N 40th St, #115, 85032
  • A American Credit and Debt Counseling Service, 1820 W Van Buren St, 85007
  • Call, Jason VP – National Debt Resolution, , 85323
  • Green Path, 401 W Baseline Rd #206, 85041
  • Campos, Lui President – CMJ Workshops, , 85323
  • Debt Relief LLC, , 85323
  • Credit Card Consolidation, Debt Consolidation AZ, 10429 S 51st St, 85044